Talent Management


The strategic and operational talent management issues to addressare how to complete the stalled projects, dealing with high turnoverin the India office, sexual harassment allegations and recruitmentand hiring guidelines. There has been a high turnover of workers andmanagers in DOTA’s India office, which has resulted in the stallingof important projects (Luthar &amp Wilson, 2008). The company needsto address this turnover if they intend to complete projectseffectively and in time. High turnover means that employees workingon projects leave them incomplete, which may jeopardize theeffectiveness of DOTA. The sexual harassment allegations must bedealt with immediately to find the source and a solution. Thereputation of the company is very important in ensuring they getprojects to work on, and with a bad reputation business could greatlydecline. The higher male population of employees in the companyoutwardly speaks of gender inequality in the recruitment and hiringprocesses. Gender equality is very important and HR should worktowards fair representation of both genders to avoid tarnishingDOTA’s reputation.

The recommended performance management approach is one that is teamdriven. It is founded on a team process of evaluating issues andaddressing any challenges in the company. It is clear that themanagers at DOTA do not agree on issues. However, the success of thecompany is dependent on their uniform leadership. At team drivenapproach will make it possible for DOTA’s management to come upwith a new plan that acts as the framework for solving the issuesfaced. For instance, the line and staff manager differ on their viewon appropriate recruitment and hiring processes. By working as ateam, it will become possible to come up with a process that is fairand well thought.


Luthar, H. K &amp Wilson, S. (2008). DOTA’s softwarere-engineering group: What’s going on in your department, Jimmy?Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 14(5),105-115.