Tensions from Differing Worldviews


Tensionsfrom Differing Worldviews

Tensionsfrom differing Worldviews

Thehospital set up especially in the United States of America, receivesthousands of patients from a very diverse cultures from all over theworld(Galanti,2001). This places the healthcare providers at a greater risk ofcrossing some cultural boundaries in their quest to performing theirduties diligently. Generalization in the medical field should not bebased on a single culture or community, but should be based uponclear understanding of a particular culture. This should be done incases where life and death situation in a hospital depends on it. Insome cases, the nurses and the administrators may clash overfollowing instructions depending on the much knowledge one has overthe several cultural groups that exist globally.

Patients’worldview should be put to consideration during the medicalexaminations and or treatment. This is irrespective of how orthodoxthey may appear to be, a medical practitioner should never impose hisbeliefs and values on a patient unless he has his or her consent. There exist a very thin line between generalization and stereotyping(Galanti,2001). However, one should be careful not to treat an individual withthe mindset of a certain group or entity. The results could bedevastating and the consequences dire as a result, every action andjudgement made medically should be informed whether yielding positiveor negative effects.

AccordingtoWolterstorff, (1994),generalization should consider whether an individual fits the givencommon profile as per a certain culture or not, to check casessimilar to religious pluralism. This is since, in some criticalsituation, such discernment can save a life. On the flip side, itbrings a lot of pressure upon the medics and the hospitaladministration on whether they are doing it right or imposing theirperceived truth against their patients. The legal aspect of it too isever hanging.


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