Terms in Visual Learning Flashcards


Termsin Visual Learning Flashcards

Termsin Visual Learning Flashcards

Almostall of terms I learnt in the course and the flash cards about thepsychological disorders opened me to more knowledge about the topic.However, there are terms that were a bit challenging, but Iunderstood. One of the terms is BiopsychosocialModel.The BiopsychosocialModel is an approach that states that the human functioning of adisease is affected by psychological and biological and socialfactors.I found it difficult to comprehend the inclusion of all these factorsin the understanding of human functioning. This is becauseunderstanding the model requires understanding the three factors asdeterminants of human functioning and diseases.

Anotherdifficult term or phrase is the Major Anxiety Disorders. I found thephrases in the concept challenging because of the existence ofdifferent types of the disorders classified in the category of MajorAnxiety Disorders. I found these conditions challenging to understandhow they are different, but all classified under one category. Ithought they are difficult to understand, but I realized the best wayto comprehend them is by exploring each at a time.

Anotherinteresting concept, but I found challenging is the cognitivetherapy. Cognitive therapy is an approach that states that behavior,feelings, thoughts and emotions are all connected. It states thatthese aspects are related to the behavior of a person, and they canbe used to explain the human functioning and behavior (Barlow &ampDurand, 2005). It is a psychotherapy approach that is developed amonga bigger category of behavioral therapies. I found it difficultbecause the concept relates to the mind process, yet it states thatthe feelings, behavior and emotions are connected. However, Iunderstand that the success of the Cognitive therapy requires a goodcollaboration of the therapist and the individual.


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