Thanksgiving Sermon


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Thanksgivingis the act of being grateful for the favor granted. As a Christian,one is expected to be thankful for whatever they receive. Severalverses in the Bible advice every Christian on the importance ofthanksgiving. During his prayers, Jesus always gave thanks to hisfather-God. The writing in the book of Luke 17:11-19 speak openly ofthe importance of Thanksgiving. Whenever we receive, we, at anindividual level should always remember to give thanks to whoevershared the fortune. The verse gives a story of lepers and theirencounter with Jesus Christ as he was on his way to Galilee fromSamaria. In the ancient times, leprosy was a dreadful disease and onewas isolated once people realized that they were suffering from it.Mostly, people with leprosy would be put outside the gate to a cityor a town and it is here that they would beg for food for theirsurvival before death strikes.

Theact of Jesus to the lepers

Oneimportant lesson in Christianity and across most religions is tolearn to give. In the twelfth verse of Luke chapter seventeen, theleapers call on Jesus to offer them help (Aitken, 2011). They alsoknew of the sympathetic character of Christ. When he saw them, Christhad mercy on them and instructed them to go and present themselves tothe priests are they were healed. Imagine when someone has taken awayfrom you that which has been bothering you for ages? Imagine when onehas relieved you from a burden that has hindered your comfort formany years? These are the questions that one should ask themselvesafter reading the story of the ten lepers. The lepers had no hopeleft they were heading for the grave. Jesus throughout his mercifulmiracle changed the situation of the lepers.

Whatis the best reaction of a Christian when good is done to them?

Jesusperforms a charitable act by healing the lepers. By this, he offersthem something greater than a gift, he offers them freedom, and theyare recovered from a dreadful disease. When one of the leapersrealized he had recovered, he turned giving praises to God with araised voice. He fell at the feet of Christ and offered thanks tohim. This is an act that is expected of every Christian (Aitken,2011). Jesus is surprised that out of the ten, only one would turnand give thanks to the reaction of Jesus on this it is clear that asChristians, the process of receiving is never complete without givingthanks. The leper receives blessings due to his act when Jesus tellhim in verse nineteen, “Rise and go your way, the faith in youpossess has healed you.” It is, therefore, a lesson to Christiansand every humanity that are giving thank for receiving, is not only avirtue but also act that disposes us to more blessings.


Itis expected that we offer thanks for the things we receive. Jesus wasalso surprised that after healing the ten, only one came back tooffer his gratitude. The seventeenth chapter of the book of Lukeprovides a moral lesson and advises us on the importance of givingthanks. The process of receiving is not complete without givingthanks. Although it is not written on the fate of the other nine, itmight be possible that they suffered the consequence of beingunthankful.


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