The Authentic Life

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An authentic life can be defined in various ways by differentpeople. However, the correct meaning of an authentic life is living atrue life in one’s day-to-day life. In other words, an authenticlife fulfils the inner needs of an individual rather than meeting thedemands of the society (Twenge and Campbell 266). Potter argues thatthe modernity that people are living today is the exact opposite ofan authentic life. The modern life, according to Potter, is filledwith fake things such as TV shows, online friends and fake fast foodswhich are all termed or described as authentic. Chuck’s Fight Clubis representation of an unauthentic life where the main character andthe tourists are pretending to be cancer patients when they are not(White 74). It is argued that the cancer patients are the ones havingthe real suffering and insomnia is not considered as a real illness(Twenge and Campbell 108). It is clear that the victim does notconsider insomnia as authentic.

Reality TV shows are common across America and indeed across theworld. Research has indicated that the shows are unrealistic and onlyfollow scripts to deliver the message (Brown 115). The scripts aredesigned in such a way that they coincide with modernity. The actorsand the actress in the TV shows are unreal since they are coveredwith makeup hence they are not in their true self (Levoy 66). Socialmedia is yet another hoax of authentic life. Research has indicatedthat social media has numerous pseudo accounts on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram. The aspect of having online friends on social media isfar from being authentic. This is the same case with online dating.It is evident that most of the people on online dating use fakephotos to woo their partners (Twenge and Campbell 114). There areinstances where they even use fake names and lie about theirlocations. This implies that online dating is mostly a hoax and doesnot in any way fulfill the internal needs of the individuals.


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