The battle of Hetch-Hetchy


The Battle of Hetch-Hetchy

The battle of Hetch- Hetchy was a conflict of ideas betweenconservationists and preservationists. Between the two, I take theside the conservationists. This is because I support Pinchot and Muiron the purpose of conserving the environment. Both did not like theway human beings were misusing the natural resources. However, thetwo fathers of conservatism differed when Pinchot argued that themain reason for the conservation of natural resources was to makesure that they are available in future for man’s use. On the otherhand, Muir wanted the natural resources to remain intact, but not forexploitation by man, but because they are an integral part of nature(Wikipedia, 2015).

I support Pinchot’s idea of conservation. According to Nash (2014),man has been exploiting natural resources ever since he colonizedthis planet. He gives examples of early man in the wilderness. Naturewas his home. Everything he had was as a result of nature. He had toexploit nature for his own survival. If he had opted to preservenature, maybe the human race could not be here today.

The battle of Hetch- Hetchy shows the extent to which we humans aredependent on natural resources (, 2015). The governmentwanted to build a dam in the valley of Hetch- Hetchy to address theissue of water shortage. Pinchot wanted the dam while Muir claimedthat it interfered with nature. The modern society needs theseresources more than ever. They are the sources of life on earth. Weneed to conserve them because the future generations rely on them. Inthis capitalistic society, it is not possible for a government toconserve a resource that it does not intend to utilize in the future.In conclusion, it is important to conserve natural resources becauseour lives depend on it.


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