The Death of My Father by Steve Martin


TheDeath of My Father by Steve Martin


TheDeath of My Father

Everythingthat happens in a person’s life leaves a mark. A mark thatsometimes remains memorable in the life of the individual for aperiod of time. Losing a loved one is one event that one takes timeto forget. In this paper, we reflect on the essay by Steve Martin on“The Death of My Father”. The paper shall highlight onesignificant message that Steve sends to the reader and explain why itstands out.

Thoughthere are a number of lessons to get from the essay, one importantmessage is the idea of love. Steve, in his recollection depicts thelife and experiences he had with the father. It is a piece that tellsthe story of two different people who even though wereclosely related,have different perspectives onlife. While Steve was optimistic and hopeful about the father, thelatter was pessimistic and relatively jealous. Despite all these,love still exists between them. Therefore, the greatest virtue thatcomes out of this writing is the element of never giving up on aloved one.

Theessay is very effective. The effectiveness of the essay is enhancedby the writing style of the writer. The reader is always motivated toread more. Steve recollects the strained relationship he had with hisdad after the latter’s death. There are some rhetoric ideas thatone would want to know more about love in the relationship betweenthe two. For instance, the writer notices someone talking really goodabout the father and realizes that most of the experience he couldremember is of his father being mean towards him. This kind ofwriting makes the reading more interesting since one wants to answerthe question, why the author refers to his father as mean (Martin,2013, p676). Nevertheless, after presenting all bad aspects of hisfather was, an element of love to his gone father is exposed, makingit stand out.

AfterSteve’s movie premier, he does not acknowledge his efforts, yet healways wanted to be in the showbiz and even bragged about doing somefew shows. Steve recalls how he learned about this family whosemother committed suicide and the father died undermysterious circumstances and realizedthat he needed to fix things with his father. He recalls how hestarted taking his parents out regularly and even supporting his dadduring his illness. He remembers changing how his dad behaved, whichled to him whispering “I love you” for the first time in years.

Inthe end, when the father claims that Steve always did what his dadwanted. Steve replies by saying that he always did that for him(Martin, 2013, p679). That is when the writer realized his father’sdeep intention of wanting to be a loving parent and husband,something he failed. The essay manages topassthe message of never giving up effectivelyby exploring the readers’ emotions and giving a clear picture ofthe transition in the relationship between afatherand a son.

Everyreader will want to come out with at least one phrase that he or sheperceives to be the best. Steve talks of “Well, he’s no CharlieChaplin,” (Martin, 2013, p677). This turns out to be my beststatement in the whole essay. The sentence was meant to indicate howpessimistic the father was to Steve on his movie career. He does noteven let the debutante a chance to develop and beat a great actor,but instead jumps ahead to compare his son to an already establishedHollywood figure, which is unfair.


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