The Global Business Environment- Simulation 1

TheGlobal Business Environment- Simulation 1

EnglishSweet is an entity that has enjoyed much success in the United Statesof America and as such it would wish to breach the borders and becomea multi-national corporation. It wishes to invade the confectionarybusinesses in France, Japan, and Poland and that is supported by thefact that they have done an analysis that shows that theconfectionary business in the stated countries is growing. They willhave to overcome some challenges so as to enter the new market andenjoy economies of scale offered by the expansions.

Governmentbarriers are the first thing that they need to overcome, and that canbe done in some ways. The local governments may wish to protect thelocal industries and as such they may bring into effect licensingbarriers for foreign entities (Euro Dev, 2010). English Sweet Incwill need the assistance of the United States government by gettinginto trade relationships with the host country so as to reduce thelicensing restrictions. They also need to gain enough knowledge ofthe new markets and how they operate since. That will enable them toenter a market in which they know their competition as well as allother dynamics of the market.

TheExport Development Canada (EDC) is a non-governmental organizationthat tries to improve international trade in the country through someavenues. They support and develop the country’s export industry byhelping entities respond to any opportunities that may be in play.For example, they havefacilitated more than $1.3 trillion in exports as well as foreigninvestment by Canadian organizations. They have also helped nearly7,400 Canadian companies do business in more than187 countries (EDC,2015). On the other hand, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade,and Development (DFAIT) has helped in facilitating internationaltrade by alleviating poverty through development assistance. Theyalso provide humanitarian services that are both within and withoutand through that they can facilitate trade. For example, theyinvested$51,350 in Technoparc Montréal so as to support their internationalactivities (DFAIT, 2013).


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