The Ice Man by Philip Carlos


PhilipCarlo, who is the writer of the Ice man, was born in 1949. In hislife, he was involved in criminal activities in New York. Carlo wasraised in the street, and this made him be among the known assailantin the street. When he was at 15 years old, he was among the peoplewho were involved in shooting of his friend together with other hitmen who were from Colombo Crime family. At age 17 again he was amongthe gang that used to kill people in the street and it was duringthis time he decided to leave the threatening life and decided to bea writer. At this time, he meets Richard Kulinski in jail whonarrates his personal life and what has passed through in life.Richard Kulinski was known as the ice man based on that he wasinvolved in gang activities, but he never died on a bullet. He was ahired hit man and contracted since he was known as a serial killer.

Richard Kulinski wasborn in 1935 in North Jersey and raised by both his parents. Richardfather Stanley was a hot-tempered man and used to beat everyone inthe family including his wife. Richard remembers one time when hisfather decided to beat his brother Florian, and he was almost dying.The beating was a normal thing to Richard and beating did not stoponly in there homestead, but rather it was extended to nuns, priests,and the local bullies (Carlo, 2008, p1). During this time, RichardKulinski was at his teenage age and started stealing food and otherthings. Besides that, the local bullies who had intimidated him andalways beat him sometimes resulted to revenge. He decided to teachthe ring reader of the local bullies a lesson where he beat him usingsticks till he was dead. Due to the harsh environment he was raisedup he became one of the feared serial killers in New Jersey and theneighboring states. He used to read comic books that used to explainhow one would deal with crime and murder (Carlo, 2008, p3). From thecomic book, he acquired the knowledge of body chopping and how hecould dispose of the body after killing. To hide the identificationof those people he killed would remove their teeth and chop thefingers so that the body could not be identified. He could even hidethe body in the ponds, and all the information was acquired from thecomic book.

When the ice man wasconfessing about the atrocities, he was in jail. The book takes thereader to account how a father figure can be hostile and thus lead tosome of the family members to be criminals since they will acquirethe traits from their biological parents. Being a contract killer forgroups like Mafia, Kulinski was a father to three children who usedto see their father as the best father ever. In his career, he wasknown as the star based on the fact that he killed the worst “mafiabosses Carmine Galante and Paul Castellano” (Carlo, 2008, p6).After conducting all sort of criminal activities, he had killed morethan two hundred people. Being a serial killer, he was a father andlike his father he never laid hand to the children but contrary tohis wife who was beaten throughout. Barbara decided to elope when helearned about Kulinski behavior, but all her family were at the mercyof Kulinski and would result to killing. When in jail narrating thestory to Philip Carlo, Kulinski could not be considered as a politeman who had transformed but rather he used to bully others in jailand thus he proved to be a worth murderous.

In comparison toWiseguy “Life in a Mafia family” where we see Henry Hill inNassau County Jail since he was charged for life sentence due to therole he played in $6 million in the a German airline robbery(Pileggi, 2010, p1). In the airline, ten people were killed and wasalso involved in a connection where Michele Sindona was killed whowas an Italian financier. When Henry had not been arrested, there wasbig news in all the local channels, and he was luckily enough that hewas not sent to jail since he was saved by his wife who was by thenworking with federal witness program. Being involved in the Lufthansarobbery, Henry was aware that he can be killed any time by hisfriends and thus decided to change his name and the name of hischildren and wife. Henry could not vote nor pay tax since he did notwant his name to be revealed. The federal witness decided toguarantee safety for Henry since his friends demanded his head(Pileggi, 2010, p23). Comparing with Richard Kulinski, Henry wheninvolved in the Lufthansa incidence he transformed completely anddecided to be polite and leave according to the will of the citizens.The only problem was that his friends were trailing him so that theycan kill him. The reason behind was because he brought his friendsinto justice like Paul Vario and Jimmy Burke among others (Pileggi,2010, p23). By entering the witness protection program, he had totransform completely which is viewed as devotion and betrayal to hisfriends.

In comparison withblood covenant by Michael Franzese, who was born in 1951 he become amafia boss. Franzese was known due to money, power and the prestigehe had. Franzese like the ordinary criminal had to consider bloodoath so that he could carry his criminal activities well. He became amember of Colombo Crime Family, which was known for mass killing tothe ordinary citizens. He organized crimes and he is among thebeneficiary of gasoline which he was involved in theft cases. In thegasoline field, he collected the tax both for the state and the localgovernment but never paid the tax rather he kept the money. He wascharged for counterfeiting and theft cases and was sentenced for tenyears and a fine worth $14 million (Franzese, 2003, p23). After beingimprisoned for 43 months, he was released when he decided tocooperate with the state government to witness against the Colombofamily. Later in 1991 he was jailed for four years since he violatedthe rules of probation. While in the mafia group he met CamilleGarcia who made his life change and from that period he became amotivational speaker.

On the other hand,the Murder Machine by Gene Mustain and Jerry Capeci gives aninsightful contribution of Roy Demeo who is referred to as the“Murder Machine”. Roy Demeo was a serial killer and killed 200people for ten years. He worked alongside five hit men who wereheaded by Gambino, who was a member of Colombo crime family, PaulCastellano and Antony Gaggi (Mustain and Capeci, 2011, p28). The fiveserial killers are among the criminal brought into justice by HenryHill when he entered the witness protection program. The serialkillers wanted to kill Henry Hill based on the betrayal accounts. Themafia crew dealt with theft and drug peddling where they worked as agroup, and they were ready to kill to ascertain that their interestwas safeguarded. The serial killers can be grouped in the same classof Richard Kulinski.

Moreover, Ted Bundyis another criminal born in 1946 and was raised up by a singermother. Ted Bundy was born in Burlington Vermont and was involved inrape, serial killing and kidnapping of women (Morris, 2011, p41). Heis connected with 36 murders though the people who knew him associatehim with more than hundred killings. He used his intelligence andcharm to trick women which later resulted to their death. He becamean unexpected killer when their relationship breakup in theUniversity of Washington. He used to rape women and later beat themtill they were dead. In the story the house of grief by Helen Garnerstarts like a tale where a couple was leaving in the Victoriancountry separates. The wife decides to separate with his husband andafter the husband leaving the house a week later the ex-husbanddrives the children to the dam where they are killed (Garner, 2005,p23). After wards, the law takes it course where justice had to beprevailed though there are questions whether it is accident ordeliberate murder. The five families are a group of five majorfamilies that were referred to as Italian-American mafia (Bovenkerk,et al. 2003, p15). The group used to kill and organize crime in theentire New York. In comparison to the ice man novel the two novelsshows a degree of correlation where both used to kill individuals inthe city.

In comparison withthe book telling the true stories by Mathew Ricketson both Henry Hilland Richard Kulinski among other criminals reveals to the public thetrue story concerning themselves. Being criminals, they reveal thetrue story when they are in jail. The timely approach that is used todiscuss the personality trait of individual catches the attention ofthe reader. According to Rickeston when one reveals what he or shehas been doing there is a transformation that has taken place andthus the person life is completely changed. The true story accordingto Rickeston is published on the magazines or newspapers and writtenas books to ascertain that after doing such kind of activities thatone had to refrain from doing wrong and start life that can beemulated by others (Ricketson, 2015, p17). What makes a true storyaccording to Rickeston is the reporting by journalist and writing hisor her personality trait so that people can read the informationconcerning an individual (Ricketson, 2015, p15). For instance in theIce man story where Richard Kulinski opens up his heart and talksabout what he used to do in his entire life. By the book beingwritten, we see the reality of things happening chronologically.

Writers like PhilipCarlo are among individual who used to go in jail so that they canconvince an individual to give out the information that can bewritten. This shows that individuals were given the independence towrite and thus editorial guidelines had to be followed. This givesthe value to different between fiction and facts since afterinterviewing individuals facts are given, for instance, RichardKulinski gave the facts concerning himself. The narrator`s voice isseen when the work is being written though the victims contribute alot in making the work published by revealing what they have beendoing. The readers can get first-hand information that does not relyon tales and fiction. Dialogue and scene are created when the workis being written making the work to be interesting to the reader.


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