The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock

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TheLove Song of J.Alfred Prufrock

TheLove Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”is a poem by Eliot which was written between the years 1910, and1911, but published later in his life (1915). The poem can be likenedto an examination with reference to the modern prototypical man. Theauthor of the poem has used J. Alfred Prufrock as a fictional name,but who is the main narrator of the poem (Eliot,2011).The poem is a depiction of a modern man in the early 1900’s withreference to how he feels confused by his position in the society(Ledbetter,).The poem is a dramatic monologue.

ThesisStatement:I agree that men today can be likened to the main character(Prufrock) in the poem because they feelinsecure,timid/fearof taking action,and finally inabilityto take chances/risks with women.

Therelationship between men and women has over time changed. With thegrowth of the equality aspect being adopted within the society, theman’s species have continued to be insecure with women. This inturn has led to man becoming overcautious when dealing with women.The social status of men has been downplayed, and it’s apossibility for a man to be looked down by a woman, a fear that isportrayed by Prufrock in the poem.

Additionally,the fear of women has reduced men to being timid, and in turn fearedto take action. This is brought along by the theme of indecision bythe main character. Men have been faced by the aspect of resistingmaking decisions due to the fear of the outcomes turning wrong. Therelation between men and women as been seen from a more negativepoint of view as women have become more empowered hence being asequally productive as men (Eliot,2011).This has in turn become a key challenge for men in terms of makingthe right decision, they fear making a decision that might fail towork.

However,despite the Prufrock being unable to seize chances and take risks(especially with women), the same can be said to be somewhat truewith the current men in the society. According to the poem, “Leaningout of their windows, they smoke pipes. They are like Prufrock inthat they look upon a scene, but do not become part of It”(Eliot,2011).Men fear to take risks with the facing situation, and in turn takingthe Prufrock approach to life and women. In conclusion, feelinginsecure,timid/fearof taking action,and inabilityto take chances/risks with womenhas marred men in the society. It’s true a large number of themh=can be likened to the main character.


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