The Media





Itis absolutelytrue that today’s media is shaping minds and influencing whatpeople think. It further pushes people to act in ways that they wouldotherwise have not if the media platformswereabsent. For instance, it is common for people to join groups or likepeople and other things on Facebook just because the media says theyare good or because every other person is doing so. People are takingadvantage of the media to create a fortune for themselves by creatingrumors that generate controversy and keep people talking about them.For instance, a DJ telling people over the radio to have a certainopinion over a recent cop beating is nothing but a way of furtheringtheir agenda. Mostly, the opinion will be one that raises the highestlevel of controversy so that people keep talking and tuning in onthat station. Meanwhile, the DJ in or person in question is earning ahigher remuneration and creating even more money to the radiostation.

Additionally,the current media is totally in control of people,and they seem to be less interested or determined to change thatfact. Some have lost faith in the media altogether and only believeinformation when they see or hear about it from a more crediblesource. I can say that those are the people who control what theybelieve thus, are in control of their opinions. Otherwise, everyoneelse is a conspiracy theorist and is brainwashed by the millions ofdata and content they consume from the media every day. All sourcesof media dissipate a lot of information to the publicand that is not going to end anytimesoon. In light of this, it is upon the people to decide what to takein and what to leave out because consuming all kinds of mediainformation yields even more controversy because the content issometimes never consistent or valid. It is time for people to takecontrol of the media and their opinions.