The Peer Comments

ThePeer Comments

Iagree with you that we are greatly influenced by news as presented bythe media. I think that this influence is because the news givepeople the first impression about an idea, and even or the state ofthe nation or the world. Therefore, the way the media will presentthe news will create a lasting impression because the firstimpression is a lasting impression. Therefore, any bias on the newsinfluences people adopts the same bias. I further agree with you thatcertain types of news influence people more than others.

Iparticularly like your argument about the people thinking that theyare informed yet they are being brainwashed. I think that the mediais having a big influence in the creation of a sense of knowledge ofthe people’s minds. This is because people think that they knowwhat the media tells them, instead of what they believe to be thetruth or the right information. Clearly, I agree with you that themedia is dominantly controlling us. We believe, practice and sadlyact what we see in the media. Apart from the multinationals thatcontrol our being and understanding through controlling the access toinformation, I think the media is a big influence.

Ithink, to break from the media hypnosis, we need to be critical ofevery issue or information we get from the media. Before absorbingeverything from the media, it is my view that we become objective ofthe information so that we determine the truth. I agree with youridea of looking at information from more than one side. It is also mybelief that most of the information on the media always has the otherside of the story.