The Peer Comments

ThePeer Comments

Iagree with the consequences that you explained as the results ofpeople having more choices of the media they can consume. I think,the development of competition among the media platforms is a moresignificant consequence as the media platforms seek to control us.They may compete for both our attention and their quest to controlour viewing. This competition may not be healthy because they may endup presenting information wrongly or giving stories that aresensational in nature. All these efforts can lead to distortion ofinformation and disruption of the social order throughmisinformation, especially news items.

Onthe issue of controlling, I think there is no question the mediacontrols us. This is because the media controls the information theypresent to us and the content not to. I also think that the mediacontrols the time that we will get certain information and the natureof information. The media manipulates our decisions by providing theinformation that is designed for us to think in a certain way, and sodecide in that same way. For instance, if the media wants the peopleto follow a certain leader or politician, they will paint them good,and the people will just follow by forming a good opinion about thesubject.

Iagree with you that exposing ourselves to a variety of sources ofinformation is a good way of breaking from the media hypnosis.However, the media houses can be in control of the many sources,thereby subjecting us to the same thing. I think another effectiveway is to be objective in our thoughts and decisions making, so thatwe can be critical. I believe being critical of the informationpresented by the media facilitates the breaking of the media hypnosisby being objective.