The Peer Comments

ThePeer Comments

Youremotional appeal relates to the desire to enjoy your own feelingswhile giving others the room to enjoy their rights. You want to watchTV, but still want your son to watch cartoons. I like your idea ofhaving two TVs, one in the living room and the other in the bedroom.You are quite mindful of the right of your child to watch cartoonswhenever he or she wants. To fulfill your need for entertainment, youwill be watching your programs in the bedroom. I agree with you thatit is not good to deprive the children of their right of watchingcartoons, which is the entertainment suitable for their age.

Youridea of having a TV for you and your husband, separate from what thechildren are watching in the living room solves the need of contentdiscretion. Some programs have content that should not be aired onprime times in the evenings. I agree with you that it would be betterif your TV would be away. I think your decision is motivated by thedesire to separate the content that you watch and what the childrenare watching. The move shows the desire to enjoy watching programsthat you do not want the children to watch.

Thisis a genuine emotional appeal that is backed up with a reason to haveall parties involved happy. The appeal has successfully turned yourhusband to see the reason for having another TV. At the same time,your appeal is specific, because it specifies the Sharp TV. Moreover,you give a strong reason why the TV should be a Sharp, because of theclarity of the pictures. Therefore, you have a strong case to yourhusband, whose reasons have borne fruits due to their appeal.