The Pledge of Allegiance Should Be Revised


The pledge of allegiance has for many years stood as a symbol ofunity and residing it confirms the patriotism in the citizens of thecountry. The original pledge was published in the 1892 and underwentsome changes till the year 1954 when the current pledge was adopted.There has been countless argument on the use of the words “underGod” in the pledge. Many have argued that the words should not bein the pledge since they force one to pay allegiance to some religioneven though they do not believe it. In an essay “Why the pledge ofallegiance should be revised,” Gwen Wilde gives his perception ofthe pledge.

Wilde argues that the pledge is supposed to unite all Americans butrather it is divisive. The argument he presents is that not all ofthe Americans are Christian and even though many of them believe insome Supreme Being, not all believe in the same God. His argument isnot that the pledge is unconstitutional, but rather the pledge isdivisive.

Wilde argues that the American constitution forbids the governmentfrom establishing any form of religion and that one has the freedomof worship. Contrary to this, the pledge tends to force the citizensto have some believed in some supreme being even if they are notaffiliated with any religion. While one might argue that during therecitation one might keep quiet and not utter the words it still doesnot make any sense. Consciously, one knows that they have to recitethe words. The pledge thus should be revised and these words omitted.

Wilde also argues that the words in the American currency “in Godwe trust” are not the same as the word in the pledge. He arguesthat when people are transacting using the currency the interest isnot in the money or currency but rather it is in the business theyare doing saying that all American still pay allegiance to God whenusing the currency is false. The pledge requires one to utter thewords, so knowingly one is paying some allegiance to some religion.The baseline is that not everyone is religion, and some the Americanliterates are not religions so they should be forced to payallegiance to some sought of religion.