The Wave The Wave



Benis an outstanding teacher. He is the one who does not wear a suit. Heseems almost more of a colleague than a tutor. It makes his studentsfollowing him. The student likes and confidence in him to direct themsomewhere worthy. Ben is extremely passionate about his job, and hasfun teaching the students. The faculty seems to know he has passionfor teaching and is regarded highly in this context. Ben is notentirely fleshed out. He is kind, and also the cool teacher (Mosley,2006).

Furthermore,Ben is creative. He always looks for ways on the go to help hispupils relate to what they are learning. He always tries his studentsin a practically way to show his students the relevant aspects ofhistory. Ben Ross gets carried away with his creative streak. Thoughhis purposes are good, he desires his students to comprehend a vastancient tragedy, the Holocaust too fast. From the novel, he devisesan experiment with a slogan known as “Strength through discipline.&quotThe class reacts well initially embracing the sense of empowerment itgives them but give in later He doesn’t realize even scholars whohave studied this for years battle in getting to understand (Mosley,2006). He does not realize ingenuity has to be par with the paramountinterests of the students. According to Mosley (2006) Ben acquiresfrom this know-how and devices to be more cautious on how to impactin the future. However, most of his students already have beenseverely affected negatively by his tryout.

Also,Ben Ross is the married teacher. Ben and his wife seem very concernedabout having a non-fractious relationship. They work hard and sharedomestic duties. They were communicating well with each other. Ben’sadmiration for his wife was evident as the WAVE discloses. Accordingto Mosley (2006) Christy speaks out on the wave, Ben carefullyreflects what she says and keeps her advice to himself. Ben’sdeference to his wife and his readiness to put his egotism aside toeavesdrop to her wife’s concerns gives him lift. Hence, he issympathetic in his willingness to listen to her wife’s concern(Mosley, 2006).

Moreimportantly, Ben Ross was good at entertaining his students. He is atad dramatic. Hence, his student adores him and yearns to follow him.After all, tedium is a massive grievance about the school, and Benmakes everything lively and fascinating to the students. Heentertains the students in school. For instance he forms a group, heplays a Hitler type scenario, and his class is the Jewish people. Thestudents enjoy this and his experiments at large.

Furthermore,Ben Ross is crazy with power. He discerns what people says about himis true. He became obsessed with power. He dresses like a dictator.He had acknowledged before the experimentation had gone that he likedthose passing moments of authority. A congested room full of studentssubmitting to his every authority, the wave symbol was all over thecollege, even the bodyguard. Luckily, he comes in languages withthis. He does not do it solo. He gets assistance from otherassociates of the society. His wife and the school principal pressurehim into snapping his senses, something that gets him around insetting things right (Mosley, 2006).


Mosley,W. (2006). Thewave.New York: Warner Books.