Thesis Questions and Answers

ThesisQuestions and Answers


ThesisQuestions and Answers

Q1).What are the effects of population on pollution and environmentaldegradation?

Theincrease in population greatly affects the environment. People tendto make products that will make their lives comfortable. However, inthe making of these products any accessible resources are beingexploited. The exploitation of these resources, destroys the fragileecologies that took millions of years to develop. This is by,drilling, cutting down the world’s greatest forest and clawing outmountains of their minerals. When the global population increasedintensely, the consumption of raw materials too increaseddramatically.

Q2).Why does capitalism pose a big threat to the environment?

Capitalismis a big threat to the environment and its ecologies simply becauseit puts economic development above the ecological concerns.Corporations cannot help themselves from stopping the environmentaldegradation and pollution since it the wish of their shareholders.This attitude makes them exploit raw materials while making newproducts, dumping them, then making the all over again. It is of agreat effect since everything is made in millions and billions.Hence, the level of degradation and pollution is in largeproportions, which is bypassed in the support of the growth anddevelopment.

Q3).What can be some of the solutions to the environmental degradation?

Thefirst thing is very clear to support the environment more than wewant the growth and development. In this, the emission of greenhousegases needs to be cut down. The over consumption of natural resourcesneeds to stop in the protection of the ecologies that created them.Water pollution, atmospheric pollution and the production and dumpingof toxic wastes and waste that cannot be recycled needs to stop also.Species also need to be protected and their rights protected. Toachieve this, we only need to stop our ways of doing things and stopdevelopment at the cost of the environment.