Thesis “The Selected Poems of Li Po”

Thesis:“The Selected Poems of Li Po”

TheSelected Poems of Li Po

&quotLiPo selected Poems&quot, composed by Li Po in A.D 712-760 indicatethat Li Po’s exposure to the natural world through his wanderingbehavior across china inspired most of his work whereby he describedthe daily human life experiences through ku-shilyricism to create a wild rapturous effect. Li Po’s ode encompasseshis dramatic life that was shaped by Tzu-janand wu-wei,for he describes and addresses a phenomenon that is beyond thefactual elements that form a life.

“LiPo selected Poems” reflect Li Po’s life that seem to belong notonly to the world of immortals, but also to the process of theearth’s change (Li Po, 1954/1996). He is viewed as a Taoist whoselife is detached, amoral, and finally intuitive, which shaped hisexperience with the natural world. Moreover, he spent his lifewandering and described his daily experiences through his homeland,moon, the rivers, the mountains, heaven, and experience with TuFu,burnt cities and fields, and T’angsmolders,until his death after drowning in a river when trying to hug the moon(Li Po, 1954/1996).


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