Transferable Skills



Transferableskill skills that can be moved from one place and used in anothercontext. This can include using knowledge gained in one job and usingit in performing a different job. These skills are vital and help anindividual to grow both professionally and career-wise. The skillsmust be consistent with the job requirement of the other job so thatit can be of significant use. The skills ought not to be exceptionaland any experience and expertise gained and is mobile to move withthe person can be referred to as transferable skill. Therefore, theskill plays an important role in personal and professionaldevelopment. Hence, they are important to take them with you in allfield.

Mypersonal skill I learned during my exemplary project writing is many.The following six skill, however, the following are transferable andapplicable to all employment opportunities.


Oneof the most important skill in a business and society context is toknow how to communicate. Different people around the world havedifferent communication styles and capabilities. As such, I havelearnt to communicate with different people and forging consensus inthe process despite the various attitude and values that come withthese people. I would also use the same skills to communicate andinteract with people in my career and profession.


Problemsare a normal occurrence in the places of work, and it is upon thoseresponsible for solving the problem. I have gained exemplary skillsin solving both technical and ethical issues facing an organization.I would use the skill in solving problems in the future sinceproblems are inevitable.


Duringthe exemplary project, I learnt how to manage time to beat deadlines.In that case, I will be able to use my time management skills in myplace of work to accomplish my tasks in the shortest time possible.It will help me to be punctual and precise on my responsibility forthe job (Nabi,&amp Bagley, 2008).


Ihave learnt how to arrange people, events and activities so that thewhole system can run smoothly. I have organized activities in thepast and hope that the skill will be used to plan for other projectsin the future so that events can be successful. This also includesdelegating work and responsibilities appropriately and attending tothose work that have not been assigned to others. However, thisrequires a lot of energy and motivation that I have gained during theexemplary project study.


Ilearnt how to analyze situations breaking them down into theircomponent part with an aim of having a clear understanding of thatthing or problem. Analyzing requires creativity and creativity to beable to analyze situation, solve problems and make informed decision


Motivationis an important factor that increase productivity. Motivation enablesone to be a good leader since followers would willingly follow. Theproject equipped me with knowledge on how to motivate others(Mayocchi&amp Hanrahan, 2000).


Transferableskills are important because they can be applied in multiplesituations, hence, the need to perfect them. These skills are whatmakes a person be employed since many people have a similar academicqualification. The exemplary project study equipped me with variousskills, but the above described were outstanding to me. I can use thesame skills in employment setup because they are all ready to me andfurther, they are a requisite for employment opportunities.


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