Trends that Impact Marketing

Trendsthat Impact Marketing

Trendsthat Impact Marketing

Marketingis a significant concept that refers to how sellers communicate withpotential clients with the objective of selling their products. Thefield of marketing has been going through a gradual revolution and itis currently characterized by three major trends. The first trendimpacting the field of marketing is the change in consumer behaviors,where consumers are becoming more concerned about other factors,other than the price of different commodities. Many marketers wouldhave expected consumers to be more conscious about the pricefollowing the ongoing economic hardships. However, to their surprise,consumers are continually expressing more demand for quality, healthbenefits of products, and environmental impact of consuming differentproducts and services (International Marketers Bureau, 2015). Inorder to deliver value, markers have to change the content of theirmarketing campaigns to communicate to consumers about the quality,health, and the environmental implications of consuming products andservices.

Secondly,the demand for value proposition has been increasing with time.Traditionally, markers have focused on the characteristics of theproducts, with little or no emphasis on the value that consumers willget from the marketing content or the products itself. Markers whowish to deliver value in such an environment have started shiftingtheir campaigns towards content marketing. This involves the creationand distribution of a valuable content in a consistent way (ContentMarketing Institution, 2015). Marketing achieves this by owning themedia, instead of renting it. This allows marketers to deliver acontent that focuses on making customers more intelligent, evenwithout making instant sales to them.

Third,people are shifting from traditional methods of getting information(such offline magazine, newspapers, radios, and TVs) to theinternet-based types of media. To this end, markers who are used tothe practice of placing their marketing content on the conventionaltypes of media are at the risk of becoming ineffective (CMI, 2015).Some marketers are now delivering value by using online platforms(such as the social media and blogs) to market products and services.

Inconclusion, the ongoing evolution in the field of marketing can beattributed to different factors. These factors include the gradualchange in consumer behavior, an increase in demand for valueproposition, and an increase in the use of internet-based types ofmedia as the major sources of information.


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