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Military policeprofessional transitioning to a civilian career in customer service.Very dependable and highly motivated team member who displays stronginterpersonal and communications, adaptable, resourceful, creativeand possesses strong work ethic.


Solutions Specialist

Verizon Wireless -Mesa, AZ – July 2014 to Present


  • Gained a rich understanding of Verizon Wireless technology and services.

  • Leveraged my knowledge to better analyze a customer’s needs and present value-added solutions.

  • Inspire and excite customers about how our solutions can impact their lives.

  • Provided customers with a basic understanding of the functionality of the products and accessories they purchase so that they can immediately enjoy their new solutions


  • Having a consistent positive attitude each day helped provide a better customer experience to help retain new and existing loyal customers.

  • Shared my sales and customer service techniques to help my team members succeed in their careers at Verizon.

  • Openly shared my knowledge to thousands of new and existing smart phone users to help transition them into the new era of technology without fear.

Skills Used

  • Good communication, Teamwork and interpersonal skills, Self-management, Planning and research skills

  • Commercial awareness, Negotiation and persuasion, Perseverance and motivation, Ability to work under pressure, Confidence, Accuracy and Attention to Detail, Adaptability and Flexibility, Creativity, Customer Focus

ed States AirForce

Security Forces -Glendale, AZ – June 2010 to Present

Cheyenne, W Y


  • Supervised teams in support of security and installation law and order operations/training exercises.

  • Performed as a fire team member during contingency/training exercises.

  • Led fire teams during contingency/training exercises.

  • Aided superiors in the planning, resourcing and execution of more than 32 flying operations.

  • Planned and briefed personnel on missions.

  • Maintained security of the local areas and performed route clearance for visiting high-ranking officials.

  • Actively patrolled assigned areas to prevent and detect crimes.

  • Checked all vehicle equipment for proper functioning prior to use.

  • Talked regularly with citizens to establish rapport and become a familiar presence in the area.

Bank Teller

Wells Fargo Bank -March 2007 to August 2008

Mesa, AZ


  • Provided customer service to make financial services and needs more convenient for customers.

  • Played an essential role in finding the right solutions for customers.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

  • Referred customers to Wells Fargo partners.

  • Worked closely as a key member of the team.


Associate of Arts

American MilitaryUniversity

High School Diploma

Mesa High School2007


MS Officeproficiency, 79 WPM typing

Windows 7proficiency,

Windows XPproficiency


  • Self-motivated,

  • Critical thinker,

  • Strong decision maker,

  • Excellent time management,

  • Competitive,

  • Excelled at multitasking,

  • Exemplifies integrity,

  • Emergency planning,

  • Team leader

Editing process

Looking at my resume and armed with new knowledge gained over thecourse, I made numerous adjustments pertaining to the content and theformat. First and foremost, I looked at the manner in which Ipresented my details at the top. I included important labels such asaddress and telephone numbers. This was aligned at the center tooffer the paper visual balance. Secondly, I included a summation ofwho I am and my skills. The next step involved adding bullet pointsin various subheadings to capture important points and make theresume generally neat. In terms of changing content, I separated myskills into skills and attributes. In the skills section, includedaspects about that have to do more with character than training whilethe skills section lists aspects gained through training.


I did not encounter major technical obstacles but was faced with manyquestions on some areas. For instance, I was not sure on whether toindicate my education first or my work experience because Iencountered different formats through a brief research on theinternet.

Another issue isthat I observed many resumes in my research had passport photos ofindividuals. I am not sure whether this mandatory or a personalchoice. Saunders (2014) also advises against including images, photosor any graphical images on resumes as they appear unprofessional. Forthe time being, I have chosen not to include one.

Learning outcomes

I learned that there are different forms of bullet points but eachserve a specific role and have different messages. I sampleddifferent types of bullet points but I was only impressed with thesimple black dot version. Some of them appear too flowery anddecorative to be used in formal situation such as a resume. However,I would not mind using them in an informal situation.

Another thing that I learned through this process was the need tomake the right choice of words in presenting myself in a professionalmanner. This allowed me to reflect deeply on my attributes andcharacter traits and their relevance to prospective employers.Donahue (2012) says that some employers might be more interested inpersonal attributes as opposed to skills as skills can always begained in through training. As such, I ended up deleting someattributes which I figured may be irrelevant to employers or wereredundant. In the process of also making the resume more appealing, Ilearned how to insert a line in the text to separate sections.


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Saunders, L. (2014). 21st Century Keys to Employment. New York: XulonPress.