Urban Outfitters


UrbanOutfitters is a fashion company based in the United States, and ithas majored in the production of both women and men’s clothes. Themajor goal of the company is to provide its services worldwide.Meeting this goal has been hard for the company due to the differentcultures around the world and also the fact that they cannot pleaseall their consumers. Typically, the company has experienced numerouschallenges since it was founded and they have had to strategize sothat they could curb most of their challenges. A major factor thathas pulled the company behind is the lack of understanding of theirmarket, and thus they end up producing products that are not pleasingto their consumers. The company has various outlets around the world.For instance, it has expanded its services to United Kingdom,Germany, Denmark, France, and Ireland among others. The company hastried to deal with its issues with many failures in their solutionsand thus they have had to solve their problems in more than oneattempt (Grant,2010).


Themajor corporate scandal that suffered is themarriage equality shirt that had to be pulled. Normally, the UrbanOutfitters is known to sell and often refuses to remove its offensiveproducts. The company is also known to insist on the removal of thegood products for offensive reasons. In 2008, the company’s storesold T-shirts that were supporting same-sex marriage (‘I supportsame-sex marriage’), and they were created by Littman Tara ofSupport Shirts. The market disappointed on this product, and thecompany did not respond accordingly since they wanted to justify whythey had to sell these T-shirts. According to the response of onebuyer, it was a bad press that the company had shown. This responseimplied that the T-shirts pioneered by the company supported same-sexmarriage that was not the idea of most of the people during thattime. Therefore, it posed a big threat to the extent that the companycould lose the majority of its market. The company responded to thislate and it had already posed a big threat to the progress of thecompany. The company’s response to the issue regarding theirT-shirts was the justification of their product that did not work forthem (Grant,2010).

Stepsthat the company could have taken

Amore ethical step that the company could have taken would be to stopthe production of those clothes. This is because the first feedbackfrom the customers was that the T-shirts were portraying a badpicture to the community and the world as a whole. Therefore, itcould have been crucial for the company to stop producing theseT-shirts and investigate much on the feedbacks of their customers.

Also,another ethical step that the company could take in dealing with thisissue could be apologizing to the public. This would typically changethe minds of the consumers, and they would easily forget this issue.This is the most appropriate step rather than justification of whythey produced the product. It could have been important for thecompany to understand the thoughts of the customers before respondingto them. Business ethics suggests that the company’s core role isto meet the needs of their customers and even listen to theirgrievances and attend to them. This will make the customers feel likepart of the company, and they will even want to shop more with thecompany.

Compareand contrast how other corporation handled the issue in a better way

Anothercompany that was faced with a similar problem but they handled itappropriately is the Support Shirts company. The company faced ascandal after they produced the “this is what a feminist looks likeshirts.” The company was brilliant in handling this issue sincetheir first step was to stop the manufacture of these T-shirts. Thishelped to reduce the number of pieces that could reach the market atthat time. Additionally, the management of the company organizedrallies at their top consumer regions such as India and the majorpurpose was to campaign against the message in those T-shirts. Thisappeared to be the appropriate method to deal with the issue sincethe company did not experience a drastic change in the volumes ofproducts that were bought.


Tobegin with, a contract is just a legally enforceable promise.Normally, there is a party that makes an offer and also as long assomething valuable is being exchanged, the court of law will have toreinforce the contract. In writing a business contract, one willalways want to ensure that all these components are present, so thatin the case of any dispute, the court of law will find that there isa valid contract that it can easily enforce. Contracts are not onlyrequired to be in writing, but they can always be verbal although itis always advised that it should be in the form of writing (Mann,et al. 2011).

Whenyou decide to write a business contract, you should keep in mind thefollowing elements for your contract to be valid:

• Thereshould be an intent by both parties to make the contract

• Thereshould be a legal subject matter

• Oneof the parties should make an offer

• Theother party will in turn accept the offer to ensure no rejection

• Afterthat, there will be an exchange of something of value

• Lastly,for particular subject matter, the contract has to be in writing

Writinga contract


  1. This treaty will start working on MM/DD/YYYY between the company and the employee:

  2. The firm at this moment provides employment to this worker for a period starting from the time of this treaty and the Worker now complies with this occupation- at this stage, the company will just place an offer that is yet to be accepted by the employee.

  3. During the employment period, the employee will:

  • Devote their effort and time as the company will reasonably expect them to execute their responsibilities.

  • No participation in other business or employment minus the knowledge of a formal accord by the company.

  • Complete obligations as may be required by the corporation.

  1. For the work done by the worker, the firm will give him/her salary as follows:

  • The yearly total of $X will be calculated according to: (Insert compensation formula)

  • A bonus of about ($X, Y % of auctions) that is billed (annually, quarterly, or monthly) that will be based upon their performance goals. (This stage is optional)

  1. Thereafter, the employee complies that in the course of his occupation by the business and for a year after the dissolution, he will avoid working as an agent, broker, employee, and stakeholder or even involve in a transactions dealing with the products similar to those products that are primarily sold by the company within the country (Mann, et al. 2011).

  2. The employee should also know that in the course of the employment, they will get crucial information of the company that is private and confidential to the members of the company. Therefore, the employee should agree not to reveal the private data to unknown parties or even to use the info for personal benefit.

  3. This treaty is an employment-at-will treaty. With or without cause, the company may at any time discharge the employee by giving him a written notification of a particular dismissal.

  4. The employment of the employee will terminate upon his/her failure or inability to perform their duties that are expected by his employer, death, or his resignation notice given to the company management.

  5. Following the dissolution of the occupation, all of the obligations signed this treaty will end and apart from the delivery of pieces 4 and 5, and any causes of a deed that may be a result of situations of the termination.

  6. This agreement also includes the whole agreement between the Employee and the Company.

  7. The contents of this agreement will be interpreted and if need be, adjudicated according to the law of the state.

Untila formal notification of other addresses is swapped among the workerand the company, all the notifications lawfully needed will beprovided by conveyance of listed mailing to the addresses below:



Witnessingthe agreement to the above terms, the company’s representative andthe worker affix their initials below.


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