View on Nature Part B



Viewon Nature: Part B


Viewon Nature: Part B

Myinfluence on nature and all associated landscapes come as a result ofthe fusion of nature and art. Unlike previous times where landscapenature that were both ecological in nature and encompassing culturewere limited, today we see a lot of building design that are createdin a way that appeals to nature. This indeed plays a critical in theconservation of nature especially our natural parks and reserves. Theculture that I was born and raised into, also insisted onpreservation of the natural environment and these really had animpact on my view of nature and resultant landscapes (Nash&amp Miller, 2014).I used to visit the game reserves in the west as a young kid where Ihad the impression that nature bears a lot than is imagined. Thus, itwas still upon me that in order for the uniqueness of nature tocontinue from generation to generation, and then we have to play ourart and protect it.

Landscapesalso have a way of telling a story especially their culture and whiletrying to understand the story that nearby landscape tells I was ableto have different perspectives on nature and landscapes. You realizethat even the present location of parks and reserve are not bycoincidence there area lot of things that happen for them to be wherethey are. Today, the human environment is slowly replacing naturalenvironment something that many of us of a similar opinion areagainst (Nash&amp Miller, 2014).Situations where even natural game parks exist for generations arenow on the risks of being diminished (Runte,2010).I am against this principle which has now enabled me to have apositive attitude towards preservation of nature and all itslandscapes.


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