Vision of America

Visionof America

Visionof America

Globalizationrefers to the laws, social and economic movements that exist at aninternational level. The internet has helped to served as theglobalization vehicle since it helps people to chat and interact inreal time at an affordable cost. Besides, it is possible to learnabout the culture, activities and the history of the people worldwidein real time via the internet. Consequently, the internet technologyis attributed with converting the world into a global village, whichis an important feature to achieve worldwide status (Globalization,n.d).

Globalization(n.d) analyzes diverse cultural values, such as entertainment,language, innovative technology such as the computer and sharedpolitical unity. The site asserts that human beings have developedshared values since devices such as cable T.V., satellites and theinternet make it possible to share information with people across theglobe.

Thewebsite is more inclined to politics than culture. The source arguesthat globalization is undermining both national and local politics.Subsequently, it recommends development of policies that can controlinternational relationship of people and institution from differentbackgrounds. The website proposes the development of internationalpolicy that would encourage globalization because it is a catalystfor emancipation and social justice (Globalization, n.d).

Thevalues reflected in the website are distinctly American because thecountry is at the forefront of advocating international integrationand unity as well as social justice for everyone. The freedom ofspeech and democratic policies originated from the U.S. The highemphasis on equality, freedom and exercise of freedom as defined byspecific policies is synonymous with American laws (Globalization,n.d).

Overall,the site provides a display of the basics for globalization. Themain components to achieve the status include the availability ofinternet technology, common language and common policies that cangovern the interaction of the people with different backgrounds(Globalization, n.d).


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