Vision of American 1945

Visionof American 1945

Visionof American 1945

“Whatis Socialist Feminism?” is an article by Barbara Ehrenreich thatwas written in the year 1976. It was first published in the year 1976in WIN magazine before being republished by New American Movement(NAM). It is hence clear that NAM, which was a mixed genderorganization, funded the article’s publish. This article addressesthe real meaning of socialist feminism taking into account how it wasbeing perceived by the society (Ehrenreich, 1976). In the politicalperspective, political biasness is revealed whereby the laws and thesystems of operations are favoring one sex and one group of peopleand disfavors the other. The capitalists are explained in the articleto be making huge monies out of manipulating others in terms ofpayment.

Similarly,the author indicates that politically, it would be inconsistent toclassify feminists and Marxists together. To gain consistency theywere supposed to differentiate the terms. However, this is notnecessarily the case since socialist feminism was an applicableconcept. The main point of the article is explaining what socialistfeminism entails and its impact in the society. She appreciates therole played by socialism and feminism in that they try to understandthe world in terms of antagonisms. This eventually leads todisturbing and jarring conclusions which are liberating at the sametime (Ehrenreich, 1976). The article made an impact in the societybecause it was trying to explain how socialism and feminisminterrelate in ensuring society’s liberation from certain socialvices like feminism.

Inconclusion, the article reflected the cultural values in the sense ofthe beliefs people have concerning such as capitalists operations aswell as perspectives of socialism and feminism available. It hencehelped to enlighten the society on the exact facts available as faras feminism and socialism is concerned. It, therefore, providedcrucial information that would facilitate their redemption.


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