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Theterms that I found difficult included psychosexual development andthe psychosexual stages, which included oral pleasure, anal stage,and phallic stage. Psychosexual is the study of a mental, emotionaland behavioral aspect of sexual development. In childhood, it occursin a sequence of predetermined stages. They are called psychosexualstages since each stage represents fixation of sexual characters(libido) that occur on different parts of the body. According toFreud, when a person grows physically some body parts become a veryimportant source of potential being upset, or pleasure or both.

Freuduses the word sexual in explaining psychosexual stages in a generalway to meant all pleasure and thoughts a child under in her/hisdevelopment. The initial five years of a child’s development isusually central to the development of adult personality. Normally theprimitive and instinctive component of personal should be controlledto satisfy social demands (Halliday,2009)

FromWileyPlus, oral stage as one of psychosexual development stage is aperiod where the child normally focuses on sucking (oral pleasure).He suggests that too much of gratification results to oralpersonality. A person, therefore, develops a stronger tendency ofeating and oral pleasure. The second term is referred to the analstage. In this stage, a child focuses on eliminating and retainingfeces. The child learns to control anal stimulation hence effects onanal fixation results to obsession, perfections and sometimes resultin being careless and cruel (Anal expulsion).

Thethird term is the phallic stage where, pleasure zone switches togenital. It is believed at this stage that boys develop theunconscious sexual desire for their mother hence it results toconflict of mother’s affection (Oedipus complex). Latency stage istermed as the stage where, sexual urges remain repressed hence mostof time children are seen playing with opposite same-sex, and agenital stage is where puberty begins. The terms explained above aredifficult to understand especially when no does not the developmentstage a child undergoes to gain the personality (Halliday,2009).


Inconclusion, these terms were difficult because they captured asensitive part of a child’s development from the psychologyperspective different from the popular biology perspective. Accordingto Freud, psychosexual development stage is predetermined sequencethat every child undergoes to develop a personality.


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