“We Are in America” Realization of the Immigrant`s Rights


“We Are in America” Realization of the Immigrant’s Rights

We are in America

The battle to end racial profiling and give freedom to the immigrantsin America had raged on for a very long time. Efforts from powerfuland influential people seemed to achieve very little. It is at thistime that the immigrants saw the need to join the movement andsupport the efforts of the top diplomats that were championing thecall. A good example of such movements is the Fair Immigration ReformMovement (FIRM). FIRM planned a series of matches around the countryand adopted the slogan “We are in America. The slogan became themainstream coalition to oppose Sensenbrenner. It is interesting howimmigrant took up the initiative to call for their rights. They couldcome out in crowd ranging from a few hundreds to about 75000. It isthis heat among the immigrants that paved a way for Munoz to attackSensenbrenner during an interview and use her words to pin her down.The effort of the immigrants did not only help challenge theperspective the immigrants are aliens that are out to destroy Americabut to say that they people that have a place in the Americanasociety.

Itis evident that after the matches by the immigrants a new wave tookshape in the American society. For the first time, student joined thecall for the legalization of immigrants. On the 27 about 125000students took to the street and blocked freeway traffic. They hadorganized themselves using text messages and social media networks.Over the following weeks, the movement grew even bigger as moreprotests from students were seen all over the country. Despite thebacklash from the conservatives and the liberals the movement hadtaken shape and there was no way to stop it.

One thing that is clear in all these is that the citizens have therights in their hands, and they can use it to challenge policies thatdo not allow their development. Am amazed that despite the manyefforts by the authority to stop the movement’s new ideas kept oncoming up, and the enthusiasm was never shut.