Week 4 Discussion

Week4 Discussion

Themedia is a powerful tool in influencing individual view on a givenissue. The media is usually focused on one major goal, to marketitself and make profits. The media chooses which news to include andthe priority they give such news. The news that is place on the firstpage of a newspaper or on television carries significant influence onthe viewer.

Peoplehaving choices on the type of media they consume opens greatopportunity for them to get information that they desire orappreciate. At the same time this leads to confirmation bias aspeople only choose media or information that conform to theirbeliefs.

Mediacontrol us and we control the media. Influential people, politicians,marketers and individuals with their own interests determine what weconsume in the media. They propagate their agendas to the public. Onthe other hand, media control us through the content they present.Marketers only provide selective information that earns themadvantage.

Tobreak free from media hypnosis and have a broader view of issues, itis necessary to have open views over a subject. Confirmation bias isa common phenomenon not only for marketers but for individuals andrelationships. It is difficult to recognize it but there are variousways that individuals can reduce it. Dealing with one’s ego,seeking disagreement, asking questions and keeping informationchannels open are a few ways that can reduce confirmation bias.

Ultimately,there is very thin difference on media and ideologies. The mediaperpetuates ideologies and ideologies shape the media. The two havealways co-existed in any given media and remains unchanged over time.The information that we get depends on how we evaluate media.