Why Students Need To Go To College

WhyStudents Need To Go To College

Collegeeducation goes beyond just adding more education to what studentslearned in high school. Currently, college education has become moreof a need than a luxury. College expands the student’s world inmore ways than just academics. Unlike high school, college givesstudents who go through it the opportunity and capability to expandtheir world and explore more than just books in the course of theirstudy. Apart from classes, college comes with many more benefits thatcan enhance and better the life of the student, both in the course oftheir study and after the completion of their programs. Theimportance of attending college cannot be underplayed, and everystudent should strive to attend one after they finish their highschool education. This essay seeks to explore the reasons that makeattending college a necessity for students.

Oneof the fundamental reasons why students should attend college is toincrease the opportunities they can get in their career life. Unlikethe years of the past, the world today has changed in a great way onmatters of education and employment. Around five decades ago, highschool graduates were the best candidates for filling job vacancies,both in the public n and private sector. However, that is not thecase today. Currently, employers require higher levels of academicqualifications for job applicants. Many may ask why this is the case.The answer lies in the current trends in the world. Most countries inthe world are moving from manufacturing-centered economies toknowledge-based economies. As a result, there is demand for highlyeducated workers in different sectors of such economies. In such ascenario, college education saves the day. Students with collegeeducation have a wider range of opportunities since that have thepapers and experience that most employers are looking for. In thisaspect, students need to attend college to increase theiropportunities and chances of success in the highly competitive worldof today.

Goingto college also gives students the time and opportunity to explorelife outside the classroom. Apart from academic coursework, collegesdedicate much time and resources to activities that students engagein outside classroom. This is not the case in high school and lowerlevels of education. While in college, students can discover theirpassions, hobbies, and interests and utilize them. Many collegestudents discover and nurture their talents as they go throughcollege. The most common and widely explored extracurricularactivities in college include music, sports, journalism, and comedy.Many notable names in the entertainment industry today discoveredtheir talents while in college, nurtured them there and they earn aliving from them till today. Therefore, unlike high school where theclassroom is the sole focus of the education system, college providestalented students with the platform and opportunity to explore andnurture their talents and interests as they proceed with theirstudies.

Theother reason that students need to go to college is to meet newpeople and make connections. Colleges bring together people fromdifferent parts of the world and walks of life. When they meet andinteract in the course of their college life, long lastingfriendships, partnerships, and bonds are created. These connectionsand socialization are important both in college and in the life aftercollege. College students at times team up to start businesses thatlater become successful. A good case in point is the social mediagiant Facebook. Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg and hisfriends while in college. Today, the site is the leading socialnetwork in the world. Through college, such ideas are shared andimplemented by friends and partners. Apart from starting businesses,college connections are also useful in other post-college venturessuch as getting jobs. When former college friends learn of jobvacancies, they alert their friends on the important details of thesaid job, for example, the application procedure and the interviewdates. In this way, college enables students to create lifetime bondsand connections.

Inconclusion, going to college education has numerous benefits thatstudents should endeavor to explore after they finish their highschool education. On top of adding to what the students had learnedin high school, college provides other benefits that may not beavailable in lower levels of education. Such benefits include a widerange of extracurricular activities that allow students to discoverand nurture their talents. Other benefits of going to college forstudents are increasing their career opportunities and the creationof helpful bonds and connections. Such bonds are useful in life aftercollege for example when searching for jobs. With these and otherbenefits of going to college in mind, it is necessary for students toattend college. Therefore, the hindrances to college education, forexample, financial constraints and negative attitudes towards collegeshould be addressed. Addressing these challenges will enable morestudents to join college to advance their studies as they partake ofthe other benefits that come with going to college.