Workforce for Long-Term Care Sector

Workforcefor Long-Term Care Sector

Workforcefor Long-Term Care Sector

Mostof the challenges that HR managers in LTC facilities are faced withstem from the characteristics of the LTC workforce. Thesecharacteristics determine how individual employees respond todifferent working condition, changing employer demand, and jobrequirements. There are many workforce characteristics that cause HRmanagement and related challenges, but three of them are moresignificant. First, the subtleties of the employee qualificationsmake it possible for the LTC providers to be recruited by otherorganizations, including hospitals (Evashwick &amp Riedel, 2004).This implies that those who are responsible for the management of theworkforce in LTC facilities compete with other organizations forsimilar categories of skills.

Secondly,the worker profile has changed significantly following the entry of alarge number of highly educated and young people into the labormarket. This presents a new challenge because different categories ofworkers are motivated by different factors. The increase in theunionization of employees in the LTC sector can be attributed to thedissatisfaction of different categories of employees, which hascaused labor relations problems.

Third,the changing composition and profile of employees has made itchallenging to retain experienced and highly trained employees. Thisexplains why the rate of turnover, workers’ complaints, and thelack of motivation has increased over time (Evashwick &amp Riedel,2004).

Strategiesfor recruiting and retaining members of staff

Dueto numerous HR management challenges (such as competition foremployees), LTC facility managers should embark on regularrecruitment strategies. This can be done by placing generic jobadverts with a clear job description on flyers or online platforms(Evashwick &amp Riedel, 2004). In addition, LTC facilities can formalliances with institutions of higher learning, especially colleges,in order to ensure the continuous flow of trained employees.Moreover, a compensation package should be equal or higher than thatoffered by competing firms in order to retain members of staff in LTCfacilities.


Someof the key challenges that individuals who manage employees in theLTC sector face include the stiff competition for trained employees,the changing profile of the current workforce, and a high turnoverrate. These challenges may be addressed through regular recruitment,forming alliance with academic institutions, and enhancing thecompensation package.


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