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Topic:Mass Media: How Western Media Draws the Picture of Arabian Media

Ibelieve that this article borrows from several books and journal assources. The research sought to present an argument on the state ofthe Arab world in media. The events of the 9/11 and the 2003 Iraq warsaw the environment across the globe confused to the related media.This paper defended the main thesis that the Western media has giventhe Arabian media a bad image. A number of sources were consulted inthe study ranging from books to journals with the principal sourcebeing “Theworld through Arab eyes” byShibleyTelhami. One of the argument by Telhami regards theuprisings and suggests that the uprisings in the Arab world are notabout ejecting corrupt leaders as is always the case in other partsof the world. Instead, they want their leaders to come to terms withthe global realities and do something to achieve greatness for theregion. The Arabs are not happy with the way the foreign world treatsthem because they are seen as second-class citizens in whatevercountries they visit.

Inpresenting the various issues covered in the research ranging fromthe Arab uprising to the impacts that media had had on theadministrations and governments in the Arab region, I perused througha number of sources, which was cumbersome. The subject of freedom ofthe press and the independence of the Arabia media were alsodiscussed. The Middle East satellite also formed a vital part of thediscussion. Thebeginning of the Arab satellite media is regarded to have provokedgood faith about trans-national media’s capability to unblockinformation and encourage political change in the district. The paperequally covers the television network Al Jazeera, which hasmaintained its position in the Arab region as the majorrepresentative of the free media.

Thepaper concluded that with regard to the degree by which the westernmedia had tainted the Arabian media, several setbacks were evidentincluding the chaotic leadership witnessed in the Middle East. Iappreciate criticism, which makes people better at what they do. I amtherefore expecting comments, criticism, and concerns from thereaders regarding the work I drafted.